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Agriturismo I Moraioli

i moraioli

Historic Residence

It is an old farmhouse, part of the building dating from the 15th century. After being abandoned for several decades, in the 1990s the building was renovated and the house came back to life.

Both in renovating the building and choosing the interior decoration, and in the area around the house, the family who own the farmhouse and run the farm holiday business have tried to revive the typical traditions of rural Tuscan houses and maintain the harmony with the surrounding nature.

The farm holiday buildings are surrounded by a large, irregular shaped garden, and typical local flowers and plants: broom, roses, geraniums, hydrangeas and rosemary.

Without doubt one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the area. Its fan shape, location between two buildings and edge forming a waterfall over the horizon, make it truly unique.

Located on the ridge of a hillock overlooking the valley, the swimming pool with perimeter overflow offers guests a unique and suggestive view of the Tuscany countryside. In the evening the swimming pool can be admired by switching on the eight colours of LED lights which turn on and off to light up the water with pleasant colours.

Plan your WEDDING, your ENGAGEMENT SHOOTING, in the beautiful hills of Tuscany, choose I MORAIOLI to organize a fantastic event in the beautiful countryside in the heart of Tuscany.

Why: “I Moraioli”?
The name was chosen with the precise intention to keep the connection with the countryside surrounding the house. The name “I Moraioli” derives from olive growing: the Moraiolo is one of the many species of olive trees, and it is the most common one in the Montebenichi area. There is a tree just a stone’s throw from the house that is thought to be over one thousand years old. The old farmers in the area probably chose this species owing to the high quality of the oil produced and the resistance to adverse weather conditions: the cold and drought most of all.


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