castello mugnana

Castle Mugnana

castello mugnana

Historic Residence

Mugnana Castle is a favorite starting point for excursions in the hills and surrounding valley, the Sezzate River valley, along which there are visible remains of the ancient Roman road that connected Florence with Valdarno. This was an important means of communication, due also to the presence of a Roman bridge near Ponte agli Stolli (Stolli Bridge) and castles such as Mugnana and Sezzate, on the opposite hill, that controlled all comings and goings.
The tower and the walls of the castle were built at the beginning of the tenth century by the Longobardi. Its strategic position made it the most important fortress, first for the Lega di Cintoia (Cintoia League) and later, for the defense of Florence. It was within the castle’s walls that in 1198 an agreement was reached that gave birth to Lega Toscana (The Tuscan League). The fortification works are quite remarkable; a thick walled circuit with an imposing tower quarterdeck in the centre. Originally this was about sixty meters high but it was later lowered for military purposes.

Spacious but not dispersive, isolated but close to residential areas, a medieval ambiance that can be adapted the most modern taste and event, Mugnana Castle is an ideal venue for one or two day conventions and meetings and all types of promotional events. Ideal for Engagement-shooting
Mugnana has been frequently used for car presentations, (thanks also to the scenic and quiet local roads), company meetings and conferences, a set for television productions, cinema, advertising and fashion shows.
The reception rooms can host more than two hundred people seated comfortably around tables and they can be tailored to the requirements of the event and the client.
Although Mugnana doesn’t have any exclusive agreements with any organizations it does have long working relationships with companies that are able to satisfy the needs of clients for any type of event; audiovisual equipment, simultaneous translation services, hostess and wardrobe services, parking services, coffee break catering etc..
For those who wish to organize events for two or more days, Mugnana can sleep up to twenty-five people within the castle walls. The isolation and tranquility of the setting can enhance individual and group productivity, while moments of relaxation offer opportunities to explore the countryside or take a plunge in the swimming pool between sessions.


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