uoll loft open space


uoll loft open space

Loft Open Space

UOLL is the name of our loft, an open space in Florence, one of a kind. UOLL is an exhibition space, a location where you can organize an exhibition of paintings from that of modern art, a fashion show at a private party, a wedding reception at a product presentation. UOLL is a great area of more than 400 square meters already fully equipped with ample room only, other secondary rooms, kitchen, equipment, parking and all that is needed to organize a big event.

UOLL The name comes from the large brick wall that is behind us, and from there we decided to give it a name which is pronounced in English but then being written in Italian and that his design, he could describe in one word .. our style.

In the past the ‘building was a building that houses the State Railways, a rail came into the shed and was used to house the locomotives or rail cars that had to be repaired.

Today ‘s building has been completely renovated, with a deep restoration that still leaves a glimpse of his story, but in a modern way is proposed as a current location, d’ avant-garde and completely new and different for a scenario in Florence.

It’s architecture is inspired by a New York style, the brick painted white, the great black beams, white leather sofas chester everything goes back to the Lofts, home to artists, located in Soho.


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