villa isolani

Villa Isolani

villa isolani

Historic Residence

Villa Isolani alla Quaderna is a traditional country residence in neoclassical style. Having become the property of Count Angelo Tattini, a Napoleonic general and Commander of the National Guard of the Regno Italico, it was renovated in 1805 on the occasion of Napoleon’s visit to Bologna.

Two wings were added and the park completely restyled, with the celebrated landscape architect Sambury transforming it from a typical eighteenth-century Bolognese-style garden into an exquisite “romantic park” of over seven hectares, in the English style which was becoming so popular at the time in Europe. With small woods dotted around and sinuous, hidden pathways recreating the neoclassical ideal of nature, this was one of the first examples of its kind in Italy.

A romantic park, and therefore the perfect setting for open-air weddings, receptions, gala lunches and dinners, also thanks to its large marquee, which can accommodate up to three hundred people for conferences, congresses and concerts, as well as being ideal for wedding receptions. The perfect setting for business events, seminars, workshops and all types of receptions, this neoclassical villa also offers six rooms with frescoes in the “Pompeian” style so typical of Bolognese Neoclassicism, which can seat up to two hundred guests.

Isolani Meeting is the perfect solution to all requirements for both business and private events: weddings, receptions, conventions, congresses, workshops, press conferences, presentations and shows.

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