villa mazzolla

Villa Mazzolla

villa mazzolla

Historic Residence

Mazzolla is a charming hilltop village in the midst of the beautiful Tuscan landscape between fields and woods, about 8 km distance from the ancient town of Volterra. The story tells that this locality originally was an Etruscan settling, called Mazzum though the first historical document that attests the existence of Mazzolla dates from the year 1000 when the Bishop of Volterra was received there.
During the “Alum war”, in May 1472 Mazzolla was besieged for two days by the troops of Lorenzo the Magnificent and practically razed to the ground.

Today Mazzolla still retains the configuration of an antique hamlet. Noteworthy the small Catholic church dedicated to San Lorenzo with its Romanesque facade and interior from the beginning of the nineteenth century and the residential villa owned by the Viti family. The villa was bought by Giuseppe Benedetto Viti, an adventurous man that in his travels was even appointed Emir of Nepal.
The Villa is a pleasant mixture of styles from mediaeval times unto the eighteenth-century: facing a large garden with the two towers built for defence from which one has a splendid view toward Volterra. In the garden there is an oval reservoir five meter large, eighteen meters long and six meters deep.

The facade, by the architect-engineer Luigi Campani, is in neo-gothic style, two floor high, incorporating in the middle an antique tower. On the first floor one finds four niches containing the statues representing the four continents known at the time and another four recesses on the second floor with busts of the famous poets Dante, Petrarca, Ariosto and Tasso.

Villa Viti is the ideal location where one can have events like weddings, parties, work-lunches etc. during the day or in the evening using caterings of your choice or caterings that have already worked with success in the villa.

The garden has a splendid view over the Tuscan hills and the magnificent city of Volterra where it is possible to prepare tables, buffets and eventually set up tents.

Inside, in a beautiful antic room, the granary/winery with vaults and arches of 200 square meters with the possibility of almost 150 sitted people around tables, or as a space for dancing, small congresses or meetings.

Just under the village there is a wide parking space on grass that can be connected to the villa with small hired buses.

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