villa oliva

Villa Oliva

villa oliva

Historic Residence

Villa Oliva is in the hills around Lucca, in Tuscany, at six kilometres from the ancient city walls.

It was built in the late XVth century as country residence of the Buonvisi family by Matteo Civitali, a famous Italia Renaissance architect.

Notable is the imposing north side Loggia supported by four large columns each cut out of a single block of grey Matraia stone. Worthwhile is also a walk through the park surrounding the Villa. It is maintained i the original design on three levels with various fountains and waterfalls.

Next to the Villa are the stables also open to the public. A legend tells us of a bet of proud Cardinal Francesco Buonvisi with Louis XIVth of France. Buonvisi claimed that his stables were more beautiful than any of the rooms in newly constructed Versailles. A curious Louis XIVth sent his ambassador to Lucca who after inspecting the stables had to agree with Buonvisi.

The Cardinal had ordered the walls of his stables to be covered with “Louis d’or”, French gold coins with the effigy of the sun king himself.

The elegance of the villa, the owners’ discreet and professional hospitality and the delightful gardens combine to offer the perfect setting for wedding receptions, functions and meetings

A perfect set for movie, photographs, TV commercial!


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