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Villa Rosa

villa rosa logoVilla Rosa in Panzano is steeped in history, in family and in beauty.
The villa was built at the beginning of the 1900s and the current owners have been here for more than twenty years now. Owner Giancarlo Avuri fell in love with it one day as he was passing by and promised to buy it for his wife Sabina as an ambitious present for their future activity. The Villa is not very big and it is completely family run with 10 rooms available managed by Giancarlo, Sabina and Baty, the caretaker from Sri Lanka who has now become part of the family.

The Villa Rosa is nestled in the hills in the heart of Chianti. A solid and comfortable home that preserves in its details, the alure of past times, while offering guests every kind of modern comfort.

It’s a perfect location for couples, for a romantic Endgagement Shooting, for an intimate wedding, for an anniversary party… The surrounding landscape, the ancient garden that leads to a swimming pool immersed in the green of the rolling hills of Chianti. they are the perfect set to capture your most significant moments.

Villa Rosa invites you to live the most authentic experience of Chianti, through the simple things you can rediscover here: unspoiled nature, the wonders of crops, the relaxation of an enchanted place where time has stopped.

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